Clive St James
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PHRENOLOGY, ESP, MIND READING, TARROT CARDS, TELEKINESIS It's all in the cards. This is a fun and thought provoking show for all your friends and the family!

 Phrenology is the study of the structure of the skull to determine a person's character and mental capacity. This, together with Clive's love of Indian head massage, gives him a unique way of working out what people are thinking. He has put together a show of about 30-60 minutes to demonstrate his extraordinary thought control and mind-reading skills.


 ESP Cards were extensively used by Dr. J.B. Rhine at the Duke University USA for use in his experiments in Extra Sensory Perception. The cards were originally designed by Karl E. Zenner in the 1930's. The five main symbols are Star, Square, Waves, Circle and Cross. Clive has spent over forty years thinking and working with these cards, sometimes in very deep thought in an  arm chair (Jackie thinks he is just having a nap) but the results he can produce are just amazing. Take a look at these comments from some who have witnessed them... 


"It was incredible. I shuffled the deck of cards and started dealing them down on the table. Clive said that I could stop any time I liked and when I did he said I could change my mind. I said no and so he then opened an envelope that had been on the table beside me all the time. Inside was the 5 of Diamonds, the same card that I had stopped on."



 "We were at a party. Clive asked if he could hold my watch. He asked me which was my favourite number on the watch. I said it was the 10 as that's the time I like to get up in the morning. Then he said we should all stare at the watch and think of the number 10. When the second hand came around it stopped on the 10 and we all gasped. I shall never forget that moment. I thought only Uri Geller could do that sort of thing.

I studied Clive really closely and he didn't pull out the winder to make it stop. I am sure he just did it!"




 "He just said 'look at this paper clip' and as we did it started to bend. I could not believe my eyes..."

 "Clive took a spoon and put it in a table napkin. We all held hands around the table and imagined that it was bending. When it came out it was clearly bent and he said not to touch it for a moment in case it was still hot."

 "Clive said that last night he thought he knew which was my lucky playing card and had put it into a different pack of cards, face down. I said it was the Jack of Hearts. Then he fanned the pack of cards and there was one card in reverse. It was the Jack of hearts!"

 "I took an ESP card and put it in my pocket and then Clive told me to think of all the different cards I had seen. Clive held my pulse for a few seconds and then he named my card. He said my pulse had jumped when I thought of my card!"



 "I had heard of ESP and the power of the mind to transmit things and indeed we all have this power. Some people just choose to develop their power more than others.

Well Clive dealt us both 5 ESP cards and put down one of his cards on the table. Then he told me to choose one from my hand and put it on top. "Just put one down" he said "just go for for it." We did this five times and when he turned them over, one pair at at time, they all matched. All five of them, can you believe that? I mean once or twice that would have been cool but all five!!!!!"


"Everyone at my golf club was asking Clive if he could predict what the Lottery numbers would be this Saturday night. He said of course he could but being a member of the world famous Magic Circle he was sworn not to tell us how to do it. But he gave us a demo of something so close. He wrote down five numbers on a piece of paper and then five of us chose a playing card. Then he took out the piece of paper and all five numbers matched the numbers he had predicted and in the same order. i didn't sleep for the next two nights."




"Clive started to tell us about Telekinesis. It's the power to move things with your mind. Then he gave me a Voodoo Doll which a tribesman had given him in South Africa. It just looked like some straw tied together to me. But then he lay it on his hand, cast a shadow of mystery over it and it stood up... and I nearly fell down!"





 "I was asked to pick a card and show it to everyone else in the room. There were about twenty of us and Clive turned round so that he had his back to us all. He told me to pick the card that I felt most in tune with. Clive then asked if it was OK to turn back round and I said yes. He took the cards from me, put them in the card case and then asked us all to think of the card I had picked while I held the case up in the air. My card just rose up from inside it! Everyone was so amazed we all just started clapping the card.

Next Clive took out a nut and bolt. I had to inspect it to confirm that it was quite normal and  then put the nut half way down the bolt and then try to imagine it was going up. Suddenly it started going up all by itself! I was so excited about this because I had seen a magician on telly do it. I think his name was Dineout or Dynamo or something. I just thought of the bolt going up and it just did... wow wow wow



Next... this was incredible... one of us picked a card and was asked to think of it, another to think of a special date and the third an old pets name. Clive wrote down each one we were  thinking of on separate pieces of paper. When he showed us each of his predictions they were all exactly right! 


Clive then did some Tarrot card and palm reading which was a lot of fun. He even asked someone to draw him a picture of a tree as he could tell a lot about the person from the way they drew it.


Clive says he only uses his powers for good and you have to remember that he is a member of the world famous Magic Circle. Certain under cover groups have tried to enlist him, like the Maffia,  offering him multi million pound contracts to go into casinos ect. He just prefers to have fun with the likes of you and I.