Clive St James
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Close-up-Magic with an award winning comedy magician


At it's very best


Ring Clive now and ask him how you can have a Free Hour's Close up Magic at your party 07860 290437


Having a great magician at your event will make the party live on in the memories of your family and friends for years to come. Your guests will be completely spell-bound when objects start disappearing and then re-appearing in their own hands.

Look at these three lovely ladies from three generations on the left... they won't take the risk of blinking for one single second while giving you the chance for some amazing pictures for you all to treasure.

A top class magician is a great ice breaker if your guests have not met before or haven't seen each other for some time. As Clive wanders from one small group to another you will hear 'Did you see that? 'Oh how did he do that?' That's what you call magic.

Take a look at our Testimonials page and let Clive's clientele speak for themselves. Then call him on 07860 290437. You'll find he will love to hear about your special party.

Parlour Magic

This is becoming all the rage. Clive will set up a small theatre show in one of the rooms in your house or special venue and perform classic to modern day magic. If you like he will make some of your guests the stars of the show.



Clive is a member of Equity, the actors union and can transform into Maurice the Magical Mind-reading Monk and stroll around the venue performing magical tricks from a bygone era for your guests, them never knowing for sure where this character is from! See our TV page.