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Festive Cuts Royal Palm Beach

We met Hasan, Top hair stylist and magician at the Palm Beach magic club. He invited us along to his salon for a restyle as he said we could not have a member walking around looking like Einstein which I took as a compliment as our Albert was of course a great magician. It was Einstein who said that creativity was the closest cousin to intelligence and that imagination was more important than intelligence. After the longest hair cut ever (45 mins.) we put on an impromtu show for his staff and clients.  

Mr A (fellow Auctioneer)

with yours truly of course



Gold Coast Magicians IBM Ring

Many thanks for inviting myself and Jackie to your magicial auction at the Winston Trails golf club. We met some great magicians got a load of magicial bargains; invited to your xmas dinner and cabaret. Really looking forward to going and a hair cut into the bargain. See next blog.



Thoughts and Feelings with you.

As always we will get together and stick together because that's what the good do and at the end of the day the good always wins, as we will this time.



You never know who you will bump into!

I was working at a banquet a few weeks ago and was introduced to Kenneth. We were chatting away and quickly got around to the subject of comedy and Ken told me that he used to write for one of my three favourite Irish comedians, Dave Allen (the other two being Frank Carson and Tom O'Connor). Now all writers always remember the first gag/sketch that they have published. Ken's was  a chap walking along trying to find water with a diviner (one of those Y shaped things) which he's waving around with no luck at all. Then all of a sudden it shoots up in the air, a cloud opens and he gets drowned! How funny..and what's more he's still getting paid for it.

Ken often works in Germany and is known there as the Godfather of comedy so he must be good. Incidentally you may remember  that I won the world title from a German for being the fastest joke teller. We won't mention that ...well I did once but I think I got away with it.

Anyway and to my point, those of you who know me also know that I am flat out now in Palm Beach till the New Year. So if anyone has a speech coming up or needs some help with comedy script writing get in touch with him if you can't wait until I get back. Happy Holidays!



Heritage Foundation Banquet

A great afternoon had by all. I was working as the auctioneer last Sunday raising money for Bomber Command. We were on Eric 'Monster' Hall's table who worked with Tommy Cooper promoting his 45's in the 70's. Great to see our President Vickie Michelle on full form with Edwina.



 Fergus Anckorn

On the following Monday we were at the Magic Circle. It had been a non-stop working weekend for me speaking, auctioneering and doing a Parlour Show for a lovely party. But as always I was quite excited to be at the Circle chatting to some of our great British magicians. I won't drop names... Oh alright Micheal Vincent, Paul Gordon and David Penn to name a few. I also had the great pleasure and honour to spend some time with Fergus Anckorn who was the youngest ever member of the Circle and is now, at 96, the oldest member.

The jacket I was wearing belonged to Tommy Cooper (he can still be seen wearing it on some  birthday cards). When it came up in conversation  Fergus told me that he had been there on the night that Tommy took some of his examinations to join the Magic Circle and what a fun occasion it was for them all. I can't say any more but I so wish that I had been there!

Fergus has a remarkable story of his own of course. He is the magician and surviver of the Thai-Burma 'Death Railway'.  Fergus survived the Alexandra hospital massacre and helped build the 'Bridge on the River Kwai'. He used his magician's skills to survive as a prisoner. He still does magic shows and is an all round gent.

You must read his book "Surviving by Magic".